Missing teeth can happen due to a number of circumstances. Perhaps you were in an accident that knocked a few of your teeth out. Maybe you didn’t always take good care of your teeth and had to have several pulled. Regardless of the reason for your missing teeth, seeing a cosmetic dentist in Downers Grove to evaluate your eligibility for dental implants can help you restore your smile.

Good Oral Health

Even if the circumstances of your missing teeth are due to poor oral hygiene, it is necessary to establish good oral health before considering implants. This is because getting implants when you have bad bacteria in your mouth can lead to infections and other serious problems. For this reason, your cosmetic dentist will need to evaluate your overall dental health and may need to complete other procedures before addressing the use of implants.

Proper Bone Structure

When you are missing teeth, the bone structure in your jaw can begin to deteriorate. This can lead to poor bone density in your jaw. One of the tests that must be performed before dental implants is a bone density test. If your jaw bone doesn’t have the proper density, the titanium root of the implant won’t be able to secure itself, causing a loose implant. Sometimes a bone graft can be performed to resolve this issue.

Good Overall Health

Getting implants is a surgical procedure, which means you must have good overall health before you undergo the procedure. When you visit your cosmetic dentist in Downers Grove, he will ask you questions about your health to determine if you are a candidate for implants. Sometimes you may need to get other medical conditions under control before considering the use of implants. Working with your doctor will help you determine if you can move forward with the procedure.

Getting dental implants in Downers Grove is the answer to your missing teeth. However, when you are considering this option for your mouth, it is important to discuss the possibility with your cosmetic dentist. He will go over the qualifications of the procedure and determine whether it is the right option for your needs. Once you are cleared for the procedure, you can work with your dentist to fill in the gaps in your mouth, allowing you to smile with confidence and enjoy life. If you are missing one or several teeth, dental implants in Downers Grove, then visit http://www.smilesbyelite.com/cosmetic-dentist/ for more information.