Case study:   Sedation #1

Diagnosis: Karen presented with fractured lower teeth due to grinding. These teeth have also begun to decay. Karen was very unhappy about the appearance of her teeth and they detract from her smile.

Solution: Remove existing decay from the teeth and repair fractures as well as reshape the gums and fabricate new all porcelain crowns on these teeth.

Process: This “before” photograph(s) shows clearly how Karen’s lower front teeth are fractured and decayed. Under dental sedation we removed the decay and fractures and prepared Karen’s lower front teeth for crowns. We also shaped her gums to give her teeth a more harmonious appearance. We then placed very esthetic and well contoured temporary crowns to protect her teeth during the fabrication of her permanent porcelain crowns. We were able to work on all four of Karen’s lower front teeth and accomplished all of this under one sedation visit, which otherwise would have taken many regular visits to do. After this procedure Karen reported to feeling no discomfort and did not recall anything from the visit.